Yrsa (OFF-)

139,00 €

YRSA is an offensive blade recommended for both near-table and mid-distance play. Its composition similar to Butterfly's Primorac carbon blade and promotes: - Top spin loops with high arc. - Blocks and passive play in general. - Top spin loop accelerations (catapult effect when hitting). Its main asset is spin orientated offensive play at mid-distance. Produced by Chase, the Californian master craftsman.

Made to order
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* Option "handle coating": useful to avoid perspiration stains but can make the handle slippery - avoid if you sweat a lot.

All blades are treated with a thin layer of lacquer which provides water resistance. This product also protects against tearing due to the detachment of the rubber.

Composition: American hinoki - carbon fleece - kiri - carbon fleece - kiri - American hinoki

American hinoki is a wood belonging to the same family as Chamaecyparis obtusa, a classic Asian attack wood. It has been preferred by offensive players for several decades due to its unique combination of speed and smoothness. There are several different kinds of cypress and they are all suitable for making blades. The American hinoki (as we call it) is part of a cypress family native to western North America and has qualities very similar to Japanese hinoki.

Thickness: 6.7mm
Plies: 5
Estimated speed: OFF-/All+
Weight: 89.5 g