Marianne - Kiso Hinoki (OFF)

159,00 €

3 carbon layers, balsa core and hinoki outer layers - 9 ply! MARIANNE is an offensive blade recommended for all styles (play at the table as well as mid-distance and away from the table). Its composition promotes: - Spinny services and push shots (push shots are devilish). - Blocks and passive play in general (neutral throw angle = high percentage of success). - Counter top spin loops. - Acceleration with top spin loops at the table (catapult effect). - Top spin battles far from the table. - Gigantic sweet-spot. Its main assets are: speed and control. Ideal blade for players looking for an extended dwell time. Produced exclusively by SDC.

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*Handle varnishing option: useful to avoid perspiration stains but can make the handle slippery - avoid if you sweat a lot.

All paddles are treated with a thin layer of lacquer which provides water resistance. This product also protects against tearing when peeling off the rubber.

Composition: hinoki (Kiso) - koto (white) - carbon fleece - balsa - nano carbon fleece core - balsa - carbon fleece - koto (white) - hinoki (Kiso)

Hinoki from Kiso (Japan) is a wood belonging to the Chamaecyparis obtusa family, a classic Asian offensive wood. It has been favored by players for several decades due to its unique combination of speed and smoothness. There are several different kinds of cypress and they are all suitable for making table tennis blades.

Thickness: 8.5mm
Ply: 9
Estimated speed: OFF
Weight: 82g