Enni - Brynhildr version (OFF)

155,00 €

ENNI and the sword of Brynhildr the famous valkyrie, engraved on it's handle, is a modern offensive table tennis blade with high throw that allows for "deadly" ball path low and deep over the net. She is suitable for soft or hard sponges but we recommend fitting her with hard sponge on forehand to unleash her full potential. The feel, especially on the forehand, is exceptional. Her composition promotes: - Taking initiatives in all phases of the game. - Active blocks. - Top spin battles with control and acceleration over the opponent's ball. - low and deep ball path. - easy FH BH switch when the play becomes very fast thanks to it's neutral weight distribution.

Made to order
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* Option "handle coating": useful to avoid perspiration stains but can make the handle slippery - avoid if you sweat a lot.

All blades are treated with a thin layer of lacquer which provides water resistance. This product also protects against tearing due to the detachment of the rubber.

Composition: limba-SAC -ayous-ayous-ayous-SAC-limba

Super Aramid-Carbon (SAC) - close to "ALC" but in a thicker, denser weave pattern so the effects are more pronounced.

layers: 7
Thickness: 5.8mm
Estimated speed: OFF / OFF +
Weight: 85g