About us

Why such unique accessories?

Our accessories are dedicated to passionate table tennis players who want to add a touch of style and character to their game.

Who are we?

We are a French company specializing in the creation of exceptional table tennis accessories. Our stylish accessories are of high quality and emphasize beauty, longevity, design and creativity. This is why our products take time to manufacture and our creations are produced in limited series.


Founder of FunkMyRacket, I play table tennis since 2006 and in the process also became a regional referee and then a chief-referee. It was later in 2018 that I was asked to take over the presidency of the club where I played and I happily accepted. I developed a love for table tennis and it was while visiting friends in Japan in 2018 that the idea to create this company first crossed my mind. While in Japan, I played in the local clubs and saw that clubs frequently had small shops where the well-known Japanese brands were displayed. Among the items were some very beautiful ones inexistant in Europe. That's when it all made sense. I gradually worked on prototypes, starting with edge tape and on it went..

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